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Won’t Miss You Darlin’

Lui Collins

Lui – vocals, guitar
Dana – vocals, mandolin

Driving slow in dark of night
Eye on the moon softly aglow
I find contentment in her light
Ever closer to my home.

While I’ve been gone the creek has swollen
Vines were touched by an early frost
All is not lost, though colors fallen
And I won’t miss you anymore.

I won’t miss you, darlin’, I won’t miss you anymore
I’ll draw the water from the well
I’ll walk in peace upon the hill
And I won’t miss you darlin’ anymore.

When winter’s frost etches the pane
Pastures burrow deep beneath the snow
In evening stillness I’ll watch the fire’s flame
And I won’t miss you anymore.

Those lines you’ve drawn, now I’m not needing
To color inside them like before
I turn the page, I paint a picture
Where I don’t miss you anymore.

©1998 Molly Gamblin Music/BMI

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