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Wake Up Time

Horace Williams

Wake up time to a morning bright sunshine
Wake up time today, it’s all right
Friends walking by saying “Hey, good morning!”
It’s a good day coming, it’s all right.

Hey, won’t you stay we’ll pass the time away
Ain’t getting in my way and you know it.
Don’t go away, it’s that kind of day
Life’s worth living and you know it.

There’s something about you took me away
Something told me to love you
Ain’t spoke a single word
But I know what I’ve heard from your mind.

Lay me down to sleepytime moonshine
Lay me down to sleep, it’s all right.
Come on down to where my mind is at
If you find me there it’ll be all right.

There’s something about you just took me away.
Something told me to love you.
Ain’t spoke a single word,
But I know what I’ve heard from your mind.

guitarsLui Collins, Horace Williams
vocal harmonyHorace Williams

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