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Vermont is Afire in the Autumn

Bill Lauf, Jr.

He travelled New England to New York town where Edison turned the colors on
Splashing in fashion, so garishly flaming.
Far from Octobers that used to be spent dreaming on the scenery
He writes down a poem, takes him back home again.

And Vermont is afire in the autumn
From the highlands of Greensboro Bend
To the snowflake rides down the southern sides
Of Quebec and the eastern Maritimes.

Those fires descend from the border towns burning the Green Mountain forest down
Flaming the lakes in a maple mosaic.
Sun yellow birch in the morning frame a guardian harbor on Lake Champlain
As sisters outlive her along the Connecticut River.

Oh, steadily shivering winter’s chill pauses on my windowsill
Etching the reason for changing the season.
Springtime will lift like a melody with summer sun following
Then back to your north color, vermilion Indian summer.

vocalBill Lauf, Jr.
tenor guitarBiII Lauf, Jr.
English concertinaGuy Wolff
electric bass- James Rivoli
vocal harmonies- Lui Collins, Bill Lauf, Jr.
guitar- Lui Collins

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