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Upside-Up Music

Music and Movement for children
from age 5 to 7 with their families

Singing * Singing Games
Solfege * Rhythm Play

Internationally-acclaimed folksinger Lui Collins’s engaging early-elementary music curriculum helps 5-7 year-olds achieve or solidify basic music competence, broadens their musical experience, and prepares them for formal instrument instruction when they are developmentally ready. Songs, singing games, and ear training are all taught via lively parent-child interactive online classes. Come Jam With Me is arranged in 3 Levels of progressive difficulty, each including 4 seasonal collections, with downloads of Song MP3s, Songbook, and Parent Guide. Younger siblings participate at their own level of development.  See Lui’s Podia site for information on ongoing classes.

PLEASE NOTE that Lui is no longer teaching in-person classes. Lui’s original Kids’ Jam curriculum is now offered in the Come Jam With Me home-based format. Many questions will be answered on the Podia site; feel free to contact Lui if you’d like guidance as to which level would be most appropriate for your child(ren). Younger siblings are welcome to participate in Come Jam With Me, and from my experience have totally enjoyed the music and the classes, and have gotten a lot out of it. They just learn at their own level.

Uke, Banjo & Music Theory Lessons

Touring and recording artist Lui Collins teaches private music lessons, including ukulele, clawhammer banjo, and music theory. Lessons are taught in person or online via ZOOM. See the Lessons page for more details.

Lui Collins, Director
(413) 489-0288

The Story Behind the Upside-Up Music Name

Early one morning, my grandson Ezra, age 2, and I were playing with Joey, a little stuffed bear with a rambunctious personality. Joey was hopping here and there, doing acrobatics among the mountains and valleys of a blanket. He did a double flip and landed on his head. “Joey’s upside down!” laughed Ezra. Joey flipped again and landed lightly on his feet. “Joey’s upside up!” Ezra declared.

Music, I believe, has a way of making things right with the world, a power that we can only begin to understand. I began teaching music in the hopes of helping more people access the joy and power of music in their own lives and pass that gift along to their children. Welcome to Upside-Up Music, where no matter what topsy-turvy places you may find yourself, music can help you turn it all upside-up again.

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