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Two Stones, One River/Reflection

Lyrics by Jane Yolen/music by Lui Collins

When I shared my plans for this album with Jane, she sent me several poems, including these two. This piece is one of my favorites of our collaborations. The poems are from Water Music, published by Boyds Mill Press 1995. This one is for you, Tim, for those moments of stillness.

Two Stones, One River

Nothing is as wise
As water passing stone,
So sure of its position
It can compromise
The path downstream,
Sometimes flooding,
Sometimes ebbing,
And sometimes running in-between.

Lyrics ©1995 Jane Yolen, Beer & Pizza/BMI; music ©1994 Molly Gamblin Music/BMI


Water is a magic mirror
Showing earth and sky
Revealing the fairest
To the careful eye.

What is up is down,
What is far is near,
A truth so fragile,
Only eyes can hear.

Lyrics ©1995 Jane Yolen, Beer & Pizza/BMI;music ©1994 Molly Gamblin Music/BMI

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