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Two Pterodactyls

Lyrics by Jane Yolen/music by Lui Collins

Remembering to celebrate our lives, setting moments aside from the busy-ness that often engulfs us – as children or grown-ups – to dance, play, dream, or just to be with a friend, is so essential to our well-being and to keeping the joy present in our lives. This song is another Dinosaur Dances treasure. With guest musician Chris Brown on trumpet.

Two pterodactyls
Dancing in the moonlight,
Sliding through the night sky,
Slipping through the stars.

They think they’re in heaven,
Dancing under moonlight,
Holding hands near Venus,
Kissing north of Mars.

Two pterodactyls
Winging through a fox-trot,
Soaring through a two-step,
Gliding through a waltz.

In the midst of dancing
Everything is heaven.
They forgive each other
All their everyday faults.

Lyrics ©1990 Jane Yolen, Beer & Pizza/BMI; music ©1994 Molly Gamblin Music/BMI

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