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There’s a Light

There’s A LightThere's a Light CD

Awarded the OMAR – One of the Best Folk Albums of 1985
by WOMR, Provincetown, MA

“Produced by ex-Silly Wizard member [the late] Johnny Cunningham… Collins’ originals, with additional material co-written with fantasy/children’s book author Jane Yolen (“Ballad of the White Seal Maid”), and a stunning version of Bob Franke’s definitive “For Real”.”
–Lahri Bond, Dirty Linen

There’s a Light, produced by famed Scottish fiddler Johnny Cunningham, was originally released in 1985. Out of print for several years, it is once again available on CD.

There’s A Light includes Lui’s interpretation of Bob Franke’s wonderful song “For Real,” and the first Jane Yolen poem that she set to music, the haunting “Ballad of the White Seal Maid.”

There’s also a wild arrangement of the Sacred Harp song “Ecstasy,” complete with French horns and trumpets – “guess that’s what happens when you turn a crazy Scot and a Vermonter loose in the studio together. I still remember what a gas it was recording that song. All through the project, Johnny kept saying “trust me” and I’d give him the go-ahead.

“He always gave me veto power in case I didn’t like his ideas after they were on tape, but I found him to be a brilliant producer, I always liked the ideas he came up with. Most of the songs are quite simply produced – Johnny is one for “less is more” – but we did let ourselves play with the song Ecstasy.

“We had some help from several gifted musicians, including David Darling on cello, Leo Kretzner on dulcimer, and Sally Rogers and Howie Bursen on harmony vocals. Special thanks to my friends Paul and Sue Wanner for making this re-release possible. ”

Vocals, guitar, piano – Lui Collins
Dulcimer – Leo Kretzner
Mandolin, fiddle – Joe Gerhard
Fiddle, synthesizer, bell tree, electric guitar – Johnny Cunningham
Cello – David Darling
Bass – Russ Landau
Drums – Victor Steffens
Percussion – Lou D’Agostino
Wood flutes, Eb fife – Skip Healy
French horn – Dana Lord
Trumpet – Gary Partridge
Oboe – Elizabeth Kieronski
Fender Rhodes – Kim Oler
Harmony vocals – Sally Rogers, Howard Bursen, Leo Kretzner
Synthesizer – Jack Jones

Produced by John Cunningham
Executive production by Lui Collins
Oboe arranged by John Cunningham
Horns arranged by John Cunningham and Lui Collins
Strings arranged by Joe Gerhard, John Cunningham and David Darling

Design by Ken Mitchell/front cover
Carla Frey/back cover
Photography by Click Studios
Management and supervision – Wendy Newton

Recorded at RBY Recording Studio, Southbury, Connecticut, August 1984
Engineers – Jack Jones and Evan Jones
Mixed by Evan Jones and John Cunningham
Mastered by Tom Coyne at Frankford Wayne, New York City

With love to Joan Pelton and George Thomas, in appreciation for their constant support; thanks to Johnny, to Wendy Newton, and especially to Rod and Sylva.

There’s a Light was originally released on Green Linnet Records in 1985. It is now available on Molly Gamblin Music. Titles below link to lyrics.

Dance Me ‘Round
Lui Collins ©1984 Molly Gamblin Music (BMI)

All You Can Do
Martha P. Hogan ©1984 Cowhand Music (BMI). Used by permission.

The Ballad of the White Seal Maid
Lyrics, © Jane Yolen. Used by permission of Curtis Brown, Ltd. and Jane Yolen. All rights reserved. Musical setting by Lui Collins ©1984 Molly Gamblin Music (BMI).

Leaf in Winter
Lui Collins ©1984 Molly Gamblin Music (BMI)

There’s a Light
Lui Collins ©1984 Molly Gamblin Music (BMI)

For Real
Bob Franke ©1983 Telephone Pole Music Publishing Co. (BMI). Used by permission.

Midwinter Night
Lui Collins ©1984 Molly Gamblin Music (BMI)

The Enfolding
Lui Collins©1982 Molly Gamblin Music (BMI)

Lui Collins ©1984 Molly Gamblin Music (BMI)

Lui Collins ©1984 Molly Gamblin Music (BMI)

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