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There’s a Light

Lui Collins ©Molly Gamblin Music (BMI)

Vocals – Lui
Oboe – Elizabeth Kieronski
Fender Rhodes – Kim Oler
Bass – Russ Landau
Drums – Victor Steffens

In some of my more lucid moments I realize that the hard times are there to teach us something – of course that insight always comes afterwards.


There’s a light shining down offering a better day
If your troubles weigh you down, open your eyes and see
There’s a rainbow in the sky promising a brighter life
When the darkness closes in, open your heart and see.

Sometimes it seems life is just a string of hardships
You can count them like a rosary, you can hold them to your own
You can nourish your pain and sorrow, it’ll grow till it surrounds you
Or you can simply open your eyes and see.

How many times have you felt like a stranger
Even in your own home, with the one you hold so dear?
Cold eyes, hard words, and the silences scream louder
But then the tears are falling down, and they cleanse just like the rain.

Open your hearts, talk with one another
Even share the darkness, and the light will shine on in
Care for each other, and your own load will grow lighter
Open your hearts and see.

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