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The Dark Silkie

Lui Collins

Lui – vocals, guitar
Johnny – fiddle
Gideon – cello

She shed it willingly, the dark fur glistening on the shore
Stood on the sun-warmed sand, her new limbs to explore
She spied him watching her, his beauty most entrancing
So strange yet so familiar, she could not turn away.
They walked in silence on the dunes until the nighttime
He asked her would she come along and with him stay.

He did not take it from her, make no mistake, she made the offer
Folded it carefully, and tucked it safe away.

Those early days she knew much pleasure in his company
Yet though he claimed her heart, her soul was of the sea
Sometimes she’d lead her children down to play in shallow waters
But naught could ever ease her longing for the deep.
Salt water to salt water, mourning loss she hopes for nothing
Bitter acceptance of a choice she daren’t betray

Why weep you salty tears when all of life awaits you here?
Why cast your dreams upon the waters of the sea?

Still as the shadows fall she stands atop a crag most barren
Waves crashing far below, her heart tuned to the sea

Deep in her longingness, tears the mournful cry of Raven
Tugs at her heartstrings, with a call she can’t deny

Lifting aside the rock so long ago set resolutely
There lies the sealskin hidden safe and damp and cool
Slipping within its folds, a catch of breath, the faintest trembling
Her heart is pounding as she turns her head toward home

One glance behind her, but a moment’s hesitation
She glides into the sea, her movements strong and sure

©1997 Molly Gamblin Music/BMI

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