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The Creek

Lui Collins

The creek has spread herself wide
and she’s singing her way
on down to the falls
pouring over and around rocks
filling and overflowing her bed

trumpeting a spring
that comes way late
– barely any snow all winter
gave nothing to melt
so she’s been running low for months
till lately, finally, the rains came
slow at first
but gradually building up
till today
all day it went between
and downpour
and later on

so when the sun broke through toward evening
I had to go see what the creek had
gotten herself up to
and there she was
ripping and roaring
under the bridge
and raucous
and joyful
and I had to run on down to the falls
and there she was again
throwing herself without mercy
over the boulders
splashing and careening
and oh spring
thank God you are finally here!

May 14, 2002
Ashfield, MA

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