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Sweet Goodbye

Lui Collins

I know it’s not forever, but the sweet warmth in your eyes
Keeps drawing me so close to you, and there’s magic in your laugh
And it catches me and pulls me in, I’m drowning in desire
But soon you will leave me high and dry with just that sweet goodbye

Harder than the city streets your spirit burst through cold concrete
Your father works the steel mill but you’ve left that life behind
You are softer than the maple leaf you pressed so gently to my cheek
Softer than this springtime love and this sweet goodbye

Running in the moonlight we shared pieces of our lives
Shooting through the rapids or just lying by the fire
You’re a stranger, shy and daring, and you’ve got me mystified
‘Cause we barely had the time to say hello before our sweet goodbye

Tonight we walked in wet dark streets, children playing at first love
And spring ‘s soft romance filled me as you held me in your eyes
If I have given you my song, your laughter’s with me all day long
And the memory of the ease with which you touched me in that sweet goodbye

Oh won’t you stay and we’ll prolong this sweet, sweet, sweet goodbye

©1980 Molly Gamblin Music/ BMI.
All rights reserved.

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