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Alive At Home – USB

Alive At Home cover

On December 6, 2020 I gave a livestream concert, co-hosted by Evergreen House Concerts and River Spirit Music. I had a blast singing for over 200 people, each with a front-row seat in my living room! Now you can access the entire concert and more, on a USB flash drive!

Alive at Home includes:

1) a file with the full 90-minute concert as it was live-streamed, with video as well as audio

2) audio-only files of all 18 songs, separated into tracks to make it easy for you to jump to your favorite songs

3) album notes, with song titles, credits, lyrics, and more.

4) BONUS audio and video tracks with Anand Nayak adding guitar and vocal harmonies! These are all songs that we haven’t previously recorded together – I can’t wait for you to hear them!

Anand & Lui


Order your copy of the Alive at Home USB drive here: $24

Alive At Home USB drive

Alive at Home songs*:

  1. Blessing (Donna Hébert)
  2. Bee Song (co-written w/ Anand Nayak)
  3. Baptism of Fire (Julie Snow)
  4. Things to Do
  5. Shady Grove (traditional)
  6. Bird Song (traditional)
  7. Susquehanna
  8. Farmers’ Market A to Z
  9. Two Kids (Anais Mitchell)
  10. Step Into the Water
  11. Mystery Play
  12. Once in a Very Blue Moon (Pat Alger/Eugene Albert Levine)
  13. Ballad of the White Seal Maid (co-written w/ Jane Yolen)
  14. Saudade
  15. Eu Não Existo Sem Você/If Not For Loving You (Antonio Carlos Jobim/Vinicius de Morães, English lyrics by Harry Becker)
  16. Blessed
  17. Blue Boat Home (Peter Mayer)
  18. Wildflower Song

*written by Lui Collins except as noted


Bonus tracks with Anand Nayak:

  1. Bird Song (traditional)
  2. Two Kids (Anaïs Mitchell)
  3. Saudade (Lui Collins)
  4. Eu Não Existo Sem Você / If Not For Loving You (Antonio Carlos Jobim/Vinicius de Morães, English lyrics by Harry Becker)
  5. Once in a Very Blue Moon (Pat Alger/Eugene Albert Levine)


The USB flash drive format is super cool, because you can use it in so many different places – the USB can be plugged into your smart TV, so you can watch the concert on your large screen. You can plug it into your computer, to watch or listen, and you can even plug it into most cars, for on-the-road listening!

Infinite Dark cover

The Infinite Dark: Jane Yolen & 3 Ravens (2018)

“…my line drawn ‘tween me and the infinite dark…”- Feral (Yolen/Collins)

THE INFINITE DARK travels the lands of fairy tale with one of the genre’s masters, Jane Yolen. Called “America’s Hans Christian Andersen,” Yolen holds two Nebula Awards and was named the 2017 Grand Master of Science Fiction and Fantasy by the Science Fiction Writers of America.

  1. Doorway (Yolen)
  2. Story (Yolen/Hébert)
  3. Hero’s Thumb • Prince Ever After (Yolen)
  4. Ballad of the White Seal Maid
  5. Great Selkie
  6. Ode to Brighid (trad. Irish air)
  7. The Selchie’s Children’s Plaint • The Last Selchie Child (Yolen)
  8. Pennan Den (trad. Scots air, James Watt)
  9. Mermaid’s Lullaby
  10. The Mermaid (trad. Irish air)
  11. Beauty and the Beast: An Anniversary • Swan/Princess (Yolen)
  12. Feral (Yolen/Collins)
  13. In the Hood, Noir (Yolen)
  14. Once Upon (Yolen)
  15. Things That Should Never Be Known (Cohen)
  16. Gretel Asks • Her Cousin’s House of Candy (Yolen)
  17. Bouquet (Yolen/Collins)
  18. The Hunter and the Maiden (Cohen)
  19. Another Way to Tell (Yolen/Collins) • Morning Song (Cohen)


The 3 Ravens band (Philo/Green Linnet artist Lui Collins, guitarist Max Cohen & fiddler Donna Hébert) brings Jane’s otherworldly poetry – from Selchie songs to Grimms’ Fairy Tales – to life in a collection of readings, songs, and instrumentals. 

More info on this CD here

Closer (2006)

Closer CD

Lui was joined by Rani Arbo and Anand Nayak of Daisy Mayhem on this recording.

Produced by Anand Nayak

  1. Spring!***
  2. Red Red Robin*
  3. The Creek**
  4. Susquehanna*
  5. Making Pies
  6. Precipice**
  7. Step Into the Water
  8. Astilbe**
  9. Blood Red the Stain
  10. Journey’s End**
  11. Someone to Come Home To*
  12. Holiday**
  13. Gone But Not Forgotten*
  14. Glance in a Mirror**
  1. Where?
  2. Bells of May Street
  3. Shiny White-Toed Hightops**
  4. All the Pretty Birds
  5. His HometownI
  6. Wrest My Joy**
  7. Blessed*
  8. Hanging Up the Snowshoes**

Richard Cuccaro, in Acoustic Live of NYC, describes Closer as “a shimmering set of jewels, celebrating every aspect of her crossing to the hopeful place she has found for herself.” He calls the final poem, Hanging Up the Snowshoes, “staggeringly beautiful,” – and the entire album “a keeper.”

Complete CD info here

Lyrics are here


Leaving Fort Knox (2000)

  1. Things to Do*
  2. Loose the Ties
  3. Saudade (sau-DAH-gee)*
  4. Rarest Rose
  5. Leaving Fort Knox*
  6. Spark/Wings
  7. The Dark Silkie
  8. Green Light
  9. Song of the Waters
  10. Mystery Play
  11. Won’t Miss You Darlin’
  12. Swimming to the Other Side*

“Quite simply, this is the best Lui Collins recording, ever.”

“Her gorgeously poetic lyrics are wrapped around a solid bed of traditional- and old-timey-influenced music, which is at once simple and perfect for conveying the mood and subtleties of her words.”—Dirty Linen, October-November 2000

Read Michael Devlin’s review of Leaving Fort Knox in Music Matters Review. Complete CD info here.


Stone by Stone (1997)

Stone by Stone CD cover

Complete CD info here

  1. Maisha Ni Safi
  2. Friendship Waltz*
  3. Gold Upon the Trees
  4. Surrender
  5. Step into the Water
  6. Blessing
  7. Guinevere and the Fire
  8. Stone by Stone
  9. Midnight
  10. Pretty Bird*
  11. The Vision
  12. Lover’s Fire

one of folk’s most magnificent albums to date”
—Lahri Bond, Dirty Linen

“The… album weaves together all the best aspects of Collins’ previous work, gathering both an excellent group of backing musicians and an outstanding set of new songs, that explore love, friendship, spirituality, and earthly concerns such as her deepening of ties with Native Americans and her work with prisoners.”
—Lahri Bond, Dirty Linen

A bunch of kids’ songs!

Winner of the 1995 Parents’ Choice Honor. “Parents’ Choice Foundation‘s panels of educators, scientists, performing artists, librarians, parents and, yes, kids themselves, identify the very best products for children of different ages and backgrounds, and of varied skill and interest levels.”

“beautifully rendered”—NPR’s All Things Considered

Complete CD info here

Moondancer (1993)

Moondancer CD
– The Journey of the Child Within


  1. Moondancer (instrumental)
  2. Hibernation
  3. Invocation
  4. Move to the Now
  5. The Holy Instant
  6. Triceps
  7. Blessed*
  8. Mermaid’s Lullabye
  9. God Bless the Children
  10. Holy Child
  11. Flicker of Light
  12. Moondancer*

“Nothing short of brilliant.”—Sing Out
“An extraordinary accomplishment”—Dirty Linen

“…one of Collins’ most intense works, [it] is not without its lighter moments; “Mermaid’s Lullabye”, (…co-written with [Jane]Yolen), and the jubilant title track offset the album’s darker moments.”
–Lahri Bond, Dirty Linen

Complete CD info here

There’s A Light (1985)

There's a Light CD
  1. Dance Me ‘Round*
  2. All You Can Do
  3. The Ballad of the White Seal Maid*
  4. Leaf in Winter
  5. There’s a Light
  6. For Real*
  7. Midwinter Night
  8. The Enfolding
  9. Ecstasy
  10. Lullabye

Produced by John Cunningham & Lui Collins

Awarded the OMAR – One of the Best Folk Albums of 1985
by WOMR, Provincetown, MA

“Produced by ex-Silly Wizard member [the late] Johnny Cunningham… Collins’ originals, with additional material co-written with fantasy/children’s book author Jane Yolen (“Ballad of the White Seal Maid”), and a stunning version of Bob Franke’s definitive “For Real”.”
–Lahri Bond, Dirty Linen

Complete CD info here

Made in New England (1978)

Made In New England CD
  1. The Mushy One*
  2. Wake Up Time
  3. Distance
  4. Love is Losin’ Hold*
  5. The Silkie
  6. Jealous Lover
  7. The Endless Mile*
  8. You Are the Songbird
  9. I’ll Know the Time
  10. Everything’s Fine Right Now
  11. Almost (Eiderdown Quilt)
  12. Born and Bred
  13. Vermont is Afire in the Autumn

“Collins’ first album on Philo contained some of her most cherished material for years to come including compositions by Mike Heron, Robin Williamson and others as well as several outstanding originals.”
— Lahri Bond, Dirty Linen

Complete CD info here

Moon of Ripe Berries:
The Ashfield Poems (2001)

Moon of Ripe Berries


“My dear friend Gkisedtanamoogk advised me in 1993 that the most important thing I could do for myself in any given day would be to sit for a time quietly in the woods. Even walking is too fast, he said. It was not until I made the move to Massachusetts in 1997 that I learned the truth of his words, when the woods out the back door of my Ashfield home became solace and sanctuary to me.

With a couple of exceptions, notably the Precipice Poems, written on two separate road trips in the fall of 1996 while I was still living in Connecticut, and On Invitation Only, written just before making the move north, all poems were written in or near or about my Ashfield home. The woods figure prominently in these poems, as they have figured in my life here, and indeed many of these poems formed themselves in my head as I ascended the wooded path toward my home.”

Blessed Choral Arrangement

Blessed sheet music

“Halleluiah, halleluiah, oh blessed are we this day.”

For mezzo-soprano soloist and SATB (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) w/ piano accompaniment

Lui has created a four-part choral arrangement for this much-requested song, which is now available by download in two pdf’s.   Part 1, for mezzo-soprano soloist, has the lyrics written out with music for all four verses; Part 2, the Score with SATB parts, has guitar chords and piano accompaniment.  

The cost for both pdf’s is $10.  If you choose to perform the song with a choir or choral group, additional parts may be printed as needed, with a requested royalty fee of $1 per additional part printed.  Fees may be paid via Paypal or by sending a check to Lui Collins, Molly Gamblin Music, 137 Main Street Apt C, Shelburne Falls, MA 01370.  

If you choose to pay online, you will receive the pdf files by email. Once your order and payment is received, Lui will send the Blessed sheet music to you as pdf email attachments.  Please be patient, as she’s not always right by her computer, but she will send them along as soon as she can. Contact Lui with any questions.  Thanks for your interest in singing Blessed!

Baptism of Fire

Baptism Of Fire CD

Available for download purchase on Lui’s Podia site

Complete CD info here

  1. Baptism of Fire*
  2. Passion
  3. Bring Your Mind Back Home
  4. The Tinker’s Coin*
  5. Who Do You Love
  6. Hold the Last Note Out
  7. Wildflower Song*
  8. January Thaw
  9. Sweet Goodbye
  10. Second Effort
  11. Awaiting the Snow
  12. I’m Looking for a Song
  13. Rooty Toot Toot for the Moon

“…musical good taste, and a projection of warmth and authenticity… captured fresh and undiluted… [Lui’s] music is an unqualified and unreserved affirmation of life, and a powerful antidote to the rampant cultural alienation that seems to be afoot in our times.”
— Dave Beauvais, Gemini Full Moon

Produced by Horace Williams Jr.



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