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Step Into the Water

June 26 & 30, 1992

The two bodies of water mentioned here were 1) a swift-flowing creek in North Carolina, with a bed of stones so rounded and slippery that, combined with the treacherous current, I could barely keep my footing, and 2) a pristine pond in southern New Hampshire on a clear bright July day. As I swam alone out into the center of the pond, my eyes took in the rise of the wooded mountains from the shoreline, the hot sun over my head, and the children playing far off on the sand. Suddenly, in a panic, I realized I was being followed by a large black “something” at the bottom of the pond.

It was my shadow.

Lui – vocal, Gibson guitar
Billy – soprano sax
Jeff – dobro
Ron – banjo
Frank – fretless bass
Rob – percussion
Linda, Joan and Greta – harmony vocals

Step into the water, feel the current swirling ’round
Step into the water, feel the power nearly pull me down
Step into the water, feel the river running strong
Let the waters bring me home where I belong.

Seated on this cushion of moss ‘neath a rhododendron tree
Tucked beneath her branches in a womb of reverie
The creek flows fast and muddy, and the bed is rocky and wild
But the water calls me in, “Come and join me for awhile.”


One foot then the other, it’s a tentative approach
With both feet on the bottom I think I can hold my own
But as I lift a foot to step ahead the force grabs onto me
Still I’m drawn to the deep of the middle, where the current’s flowing free.


And standing in this deepest place, my life is under siege
I gather strength to ground myself and open to receive
There is a power in the waters, and I can take it in
There’s a wisdom in the Universe carried on the wind.


And later in a northern pond, the voice again I hear
A summons to immerse myself and swim out past my fear
My body glides in fluid grace, a mermaid in this inland sea
I swim back over years and years as I move with strength and ease.


©1992 Molly Gamblin Music (BMI)

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