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Lui Collins

Lui – vocals, banjo
Dana – guitar, mandolin
Pete – fiddle

You shine so brightly, I a spark
That shows only in darkest dark
My only hope a shelter deep where find a restful sleep.
There coax this spark into a flame
Coax flame into a brightsome blaze
And swear to hold my own someday, and hold my own someday.

My balance lost when you’re around
Off center pulled, I hit the ground
Where I am swallowed in the sound of your reverberation.

You’re in my blood, my every cell
To turn away I gather will
Yet in my memory breathe you still, oh I do breathe you still.
My tongue remembers dusky taste
Of mingled essence as we lay
My mind pleads there is naught to gain, my heart won’t pry away.

©1999 Molly Gamblin Music/BMI

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