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Lui Collins

“Saudade” is a Portuguese word meaning, as best I can translate it, a longing or yearning for someone or someplace you love so dearly that even missing that person or place is a wonderful feeling. But the beauty of the language and the Brasilian culture, which I was immersed in for a year when I lived in Curitiba, is that it has so much its own flavor you simply can’t do it justice in translation.

Lui – vocals, guitar
Dana – guitar
Johnny – fiddle
Jenny – acoustic bass
Doug – percussion

Pode falar em portuguêse das coisas do coração
Pode falar de saudade, tristeza, allegria
Em inglês não pode cantar de verdade
Estó aqui nas lembranças cantando tão sozinha

Eu gostaria de ficar agora com vôçe
Gostaria de dizer das palavras tão bellinhas
Mas eu estó sozinha tão cheia de saudade
Como o meu coração é cheia de amor

In the language of Brasil, the language of the heart
One can speak of one’s joy, or of sadness or yearning
In our language there is no such sweet abundance
I am left with my memories, singing so alone

How I yearn to be with you to share this moment
How I yearn to speak these words of beauty
Here am I alone, so filled with longing
As my heart is filled, is filled with love

©1997 Molly Gamblin Music/BMI

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