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Rarest Rose

Lui Collins

Lui – vocals, guitar
Dana – mandolin
Gideon – cello

I have built this prison, stone upon stone
And the walls rise up so dreary
Day upon day it’s grown and grown
And my life goes on forlornly.

And by the gate I buried the key
Which should I choose would set me free

Roses I grew of a beautiful hue
and the joy they brought me was deep and true

When my lover reached out to pluck one bloom
He pricked his hand on the sharpest thorn

How could I bear my lover’s pain?
I let those roses go to ruin

Last night I dreamed of the rarest rose
Out past these walls I saw it grow

And in my hand I held the key
All cast in a delicate filigree

Beyond these walls I shall step this day
These walls that rise so dreary
And search I shall till I find that place
And my life goes on forlornly.

And I shall fetch that brightest rose
Past these walls that rise so dreary
To plant in my garden that it might grow
And my life go on most joyfully.

©1997 Molly Gamblin Music/BMI

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