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Mystery Play

Lui Collins

Lui – vocals, guitar

Lately my thoughts have been caught up in winding
‘Round a question that’s tickling the back of my mind:
Out of billions of souls on Earth at one time
Why are some drawn together while the rest pass on by?

Now this is not about partnering, marriage, and such
Please don’t offer the moon, I’ve been there enough
I’m not waxing romantic, and I trust you won’t start
For I will not give lightly a piece of my heart. Yet

You remind me of someone I’d like to know
I am drawn to you, sure as one hand to another
Were we lovers or family some long life ago?
You remind me of someone I’d like to know.

Walking beside you, our steps match in rhythm
I laugh at your jokes, and you laugh at mine
We’re two ends of a magnet, determined to meet
You’re a soft comfy chair I settle into with ease.

Another lifetime I’d have fallen in love with you
Swept away by my feelings, ashamed and confused
But just now it’s enough to be walking with you
Let the mystery play as it will.

And when we’re apart, I’ll not pine for you
An occasional phone call or an email will do
To remind me you’re there, and ever my friend
And once in a blue moon, I may see you again

Another lifetime I may fall in love

©1997 Molly Gamblin Music/BMI

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