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Archives of Lui’s “Musings”

Through the very productive period of 1999 to 2002, Lui posted periodic updates on her travels, work in the recording studio and general news, in a section of her website she called “Musings”. Between 2002 and 2004, as she began shifting her focus from recording and touring to her family music programs, Hilltown Music Together and Kids’ Jam, it became increasingly difficult to find the time to maintain Musings. With her 2006 posting on the release of Closer, Lui’s published musings ended.

The entries Lui made over the years are still relevant and very interesting. Besides the snapshots of her recording, touring and home life, they offer insights into the inspiration behind, and creation of many of her songs and poems.

While reading these posts, please bear in mind that these are archival – some information that was current at the time of the post is far out of date today (the postage rates quoted in the Leaving Fort Knox posts, for example). The posts are republished here with all their original content – no attempt has been made to update or otherwise edit the information.

February 2006 Musings: Closer, at Last

It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since I wrote a Musing – but considering what I’ve packed into the last couple of years it’s not so surprising. The teaching alone has kept me busy – my classes have grown so that I’m now teaching 3 days a week, 7 classes in all. This spring I will celebrate a ...
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February 2004 Musings: Music of and by the People

I have very exciting news to report - my Hilltown Music Together pages are up and running! Now you can read all about the program that has taken over my creative life in the past year. You’ve probably been wondering, if you’ve checked here for Musings at all over the past year, whatever happened to me. If I fell off ...
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October 2002 Musings: Work You Love

A young boy at a concert this weekend asked me if I am rich. I laughed and answered "that depends on how you define rich!" Certainly by the world's standards I am wealthy, even though, as a folk artist with a family to support, I live quite bare boned as defined within this country's financial culture. But however you look ...
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June – September, 2002 Musings: Summer here and gone/Julie Snow’s CD!

Okay, no more promises about when I'll write the next one of these Musings. I've been musing a lot these past 4 months, but just not finding time to get it down on paper. There's been my usual concert schedule, mostly solo, with a month of duo concerts with Dana Robinson in July, and I played a wedding in September ...
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April – May 2002 Musings: Swimming to the Other Side

April was a full and good month, mostly taken up by my California tour, as well as getting ready for it - and recovering from it. I just had way too much fun out there, and it took awhile to settle in afterwards. I had thought I'd write in this musings about California, or about the song I wrote the ...
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February-March 2002 Musings: Moondancer!

Spring is here! And with her, a foot and a half of snow! All I can say is, I'm glad winter has finally arrived, in time for spring. Winter was feeling incomplete, having had as little of the white stuff as we had this year. Now my New England heart is content. This March snow will melt quickly and then ...
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December 2001-January 2002 Musings: Waterbug

Ah, the invigorating cold air of a New England winter! Uh, well, not quite, this year! But I've managed to enjoy even the warm interludes. The woods out back call me as always, and the little bit of snow we've had has been enough to get me out snowshoeing and cross-country skiing a number of times. December started out with ...
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October-November 2001 Musings: Planting Spring Bulbs

It is the season for contemplation, and more so than ever this fall. As the darkness descends, I find myself settling into my home, doing fall cleaning, and planting spring bulbs. The ultimate in an expression of hope. Next spring will bring crocus, daffodil, and hyacinth. I have always been a believer in "think global, act local." When I see ...
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August-September Musings, 2001: Snow White and Paypal

Much great excitement here recently, and all of it of the most mundane variety, nothing romantic to report. But I have to admit to being solidly in the human, physical realm, and I can get tickled pink, as my Mom used to say, about the most mundane things. I suppose I could start with the one that might concern you, ...
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July 2001 Musings: The Veery Thrush

Okay, I know I'm way behind in my musings. So far behind that one might even have cause to think that I have not been musing. I have managed to fit some idle thoughts in here and there, just not managed to get them to Rose to post here. It's been a busy spring and summer - the last you ...
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