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Ms. A. Hulas

Lyrics by Jane Yolen/music by Lui Collins

Sometimes at bedtime we get very silly before we get sleepy. Books like Jane Yolen’s Dinosaur Dances, (published by G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1990) help keep us going. Jane’s poems are so musical, often as I read one to my children, the melody arises spontaneously. Ms. A was about the best inspiration yet.

Guest musicians:
Chris Brown – trumpet,
Bill Lauf – tenor guitar,
Jim Mola – percussion.

Have you ever seen
Ms. Allosaurus hula?
It’s like watching continents
Go drifting by.

First she shakes the lower forty
With a vengeance.
Then she shifts and
Ocean waves are tidal high.

There are folk who swear
When Allosaurus hulas
Building shake and faint hearts break
And walls fall down.

She’s a number even Richter scales
Can’t measure.
Son, be careful when
Ms. A. comes into town.

Don’t stand near whenever
Allosaurus hulas
If you value life and property
And limb.

For if you’re on the dance floor
When she hulas
Then your chances for survival
Are real slim.

Lyrics ©1990 Jane Yolen, Beer & Pizza/BMI; music ©1994 Molly Gamblin Music/BMI

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