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Midwinter Night

Lui Collins ©1984 Molly Gamblin Music (BMI)

Vocals & piano – Lui
Fiddles – Joe Gerhard & John Cunningham
Cello – David Darling
Bass – Russ Landau

We heat with wood, a Morso in the parlour and a cookstove in the kitchen keep the downstairs warm – well, except for the uninsulated north wall where the wind comes through and freezes the pipes. In January 1981 it was 20° below for three weeks, and even the drains froze. Despite our unheated upstairs, my trusty soapstone bed-warmer kept me toasty.

Orange moon reclining low, beneath suspended stars
So many tonight they crowd the sky, Orion bears his shield
Midwinter night, the mercury reads ten below
But cannot feel the chill of winds that pile the snow against my door.

The warm air greets me from within, I stomp my feet to shed the snow
I’ll stoke the stoves to thaw my fingers, warm the keys of my piano…

We live, us two, in this big old house and when you’re home it’s warmed with love
And when you’re gone I haul the wood, and curl up in a chair to read
Or play my blue piano
And late at night I place the soapstone on the stove to heat
It warms my bed when you’re away.

You’ve been drawn to the challenge of the ice and the snow
And winds relentless drive the chill to your bones
But your blood is warmed with danger, the climb excites your nerves
And the mountain knows a part of you which I will never see.

I’ll wake in the morning, my life will be the same
I’ll stoke the fires, thaw the pipes, and boil some water for my tea
And long about the afternoon
I’ll sit down at my blue piano and play a song for you
To wish you safe and send my love
And late at night I’ll place the soapstone on the stove to heat.

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