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Loose the Ties

Dana Robinson

Lui – vocals, guitar
Dana – harmony vocals, mandolin
Pete – fiddle
Andrew – acoustic bass
Doug – drums

Will you loose the ties that keep you from me now
Will you show me how to walk that way?
Send to me a light, and tell me that a time will come
We will soon be one, and long no more, no more

This road has been kind to my feet, the path through here is old
I have trusted in its twists and turns, as I’ve walked with my eyes closed
I navigate the nighttime sky, sights focused on a star
Then that place will move falling round a curve and I question where you are

This is my home, I’ve settled here, these earthly things I know
I hear the cuckoo and the mockingbird, though I seek the blackest crow
In this valley’s easy palm, beneath the hilltown farms
Seven Sisters will calmly wait for midnight salvage in your arms

©1997 Threshold Music

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