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Leaving Fort Knox

Lui Collins

Lui – vocals, guitar
Dana – mandolin
Rose – accordion
Jenny – acoustic bass
Doug – drums, percussion

You been building your walls of mortar and stone
I been buttin’ my head up against them
I got battered up good this one last time
Gonna find me a new way around them

You been the big man, making the rules
I been trying my best to obey them
All the time that I wasted learning your games
Now I find I got no need to play them

You defended your fort at the fork of the river
And determined to hide me away there
First I fought to get in, then I fought to get out
Now I simply am walking away dear

Gonna build me a bridge
Gonna cross it just once
And I ain’t lookin’ backwards again

You been holding me down, you been watching me bleed
I been walkin’ a fine line to please you
Now you’ll get no more pleasure from seeing my pain
‘Cause you’ll just see my back as I leave you
You will get no more pleasure from watching me bleed
You will just see my back as I leave you

©1997 Molly Gamblin Music/BMI

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