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June – September, 2002 Musings: Summer here and gone/Julie Snow’s CD!

Okay, no more promises about when I’ll write the next one of these Musings. I’ve been musing a lot these past 4 months, but just not finding time to get it down on paper. There’s been my usual concert schedule, mostly solo, with a month of duo concerts with Dana Robinson in July, and I played a wedding in September with cellist Joel Cohen. I’m hoping to work more with Joel, as it was great fun. But overall, the focus has been more on family throughout this period. In August my son and younger daughter and I spent time with my sister and her family at my folks’ camp on Lake Groton in Vermont. Later in the month we went up to Maine to stay with my older daughter in Bar Harbor, where she was working for the summer. Lots of swimming, some hiking, some kayaking …. it was a wonderful vacation, and a good month.

This month the focus is on settling my younger daughter into her first year in high school – and in setting up a coop and run for her chickens! Almost feels like I’m back to homesteading – and I’ve been quite enjoying it. I must admit though, that I still haven’t gotten quite all the perennials I was given this spring into the ground! I’m still optimistic, the ground won’t be frozen for awhile yet …

I have good news for any Julie Snow aficionados of Julie Snow’s writing: Julie has finally released a CD of her songs!

If any of you don’t immediately recognize Julie’s name, I recorded 6 of her songs on my first two recordings. There was “You Are the Songbird,” “Love is Losin’ Hold,” and “The Endless Mile” on Made in New England. I titled my second release after her song “Baptism of Fire,” and also included “Who Do You Love?” on that album (and added her “I’m Looking for a Song” when I put it out on CD later).

Back in those days – the late 70’s and early 80’s – Julie performed rarely, and never did record her songs herself. She went into songwriter “retirement” for some years, raised a family among other things, and has recently emerged with a bunch of wonderful new songs and now, at long last, a recording of her songs.

She’s titled the album “If Words Were Stones.” It’s full of new songs, a couple of early songs that I remember her singing way back when, and a beautiful rendition of my all-time favorite Julie Snow song, “Baptism of Fire.” Way different from my version, hers is accompanied by piano and sax, and she does a gorgeous job of reshaping the melody that gives me chills.

My favorite of Julie’s new songs has to be the title song “If Words Were Stones” with its taste of Julie-wisdom:

“I don’t want to talk about it, if words were stones
I could have built the Great Wall of China by now on my own
I don’t want to analzye it, take it all apart,
Slice into the center, take a measure of my heart.

I want to hold onto what matters and let the rest fall away
Grow silent and steady, day after day after day
It’s just a simple progression with an ordinary beat
Keep your palms up and your eyes wide open and your love in the driver’s seat.”

And here’s what Julie has to say:

“When Lui and I met in 1976, we were instantly drawn to one another. We spent hours and hours that first day sharing our songs with each other. When she recorded a selection of my songs on her first two albums, it was a gift that has continued to come back to me many times over in the intervening years. Now finally, I have a cd of my own to offer up.”IF WORDS WERE STONES” will be available on September 1, 2002. It has “Baptism of Fire” on it, plus 11 more original songs. I am joined on the cd by Kent Allyn on bass, keyboards, and guitars; Ed Scheer on drums; Paul Ostermayer on sax; and Wendy Starkweather and Liza Constable on harmony vocals. You can order it directly from me (or send $16.50 including postage to Snowsongs, Box 166, Harrisville, NH 03450) AND you are ALL invited to come hear it at our CD RELEASE CONCERT on September 22nd, 4 pm, at the Peterborough Players Theater in Peterborough, NH.”

I highly recommend getting a copy of Julie’s CD, and if you can make it to her CD release concert, it sure sounds like a great party!

Many blessings to you all. Keep on singing!

Warmly, Lui

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