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Lui Collins, 1985

I am a river
You’ve dammed me
My world flows politely, so shallow
My limits are set and predictable
I can do you no harm

I won’t overflow for you’ve harnessed my waters
You ration them out at your will
You’ve compromised me – for my own good, you say –
My power diverted to your corrupt ends

And long have I forgotten the passion of my youth
The purpose in my wanderings before you broke my will

Yet I’ve deeps you’ve long overlooked
And the anger sequestered is rising
I claim my power for my own
At last confront your rule

I am a river
My floodwaters rising in anger
I’ve broken your dams
False progress falls to unleashed force
The reclaiming has begun.

©1985 Molly Gamblin Music (BMI)

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