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Everything’s Fine Right Now

Robin Williamson & Mike Heron

Who’s that knockin’ at my door,
I can’t see no one right now.
I got my baby here with me
I can’t stop, oh no, not now.

Oh, come a little closer to my breast
I’ll tell you that you’re the one I really love the best
And you don’t have to worry about any of the rest
‘Cause everything’s fine right now.

Oh you don’t have to talk and you don’t have to sing
You don’t have to do nothin’ at all.
Just lie around and do as you please
You don’t have far to fall.

Oh my, my, it looks kind of dark
Looks like the night’s rolled on
Now the best thing to do is lie here with me
But just until the dawn.

guitarsLui Collins, Horace Williams
steel resonated guitarGuy Wolff
tenor guitarBill Lauf, Jr.
vocal harmoniesGuy Wolff, Horace Williams

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