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Rev. John Leland/T.W. Carter

Vocals – Lui
Harmony vocals – Sally Rogers, Leo Kretzner, Howard Burse
Bass -Russ Landau
Drums – Victor Steffens
Percussion – Lou D’Agostino
French horns – Dana Lord
Trumpet – Gary Partridge
Electric guitar – John Cunningham

This song comes from the tradition of the Sacred Harp shape-note singing. What better way to praise God than to celebrate life in joyous, majestic, raucous, ecstatic music?

Oh, when will I see Jesus and reign with him above
And from the flowing fountain drink everlasting love?
Oh, had I wings I would fly away and be at rest.
And I’d praise God in his bright abode.

When e’er you meet with troubles and trials on your way
Then cast your cares on Jesus and don’t forget to pray.

Gird on the gospel armor of faith and hope and love
And when the combat’s ended he’ll carry you above.

Oh, do not be discouraged, for Jesus is your friend
And if you lack for knowledge he’ll not refuse to send

Neither will he upbraid you, though often you request
He’ll give you grace to conquer and take you home to rest.

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