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Born and Bred

Lui Collins

Sweet lovin’ man I’m all ready to go
Back to my home in the mountains. You know
I was born and bred to live in those hills.
And now that I’m ready to go back I will.

Driving up north and I know what I’ll find.
Silence and solitude, peace for my mind. ‘
Calmness and harmony I’ll draw from these hills
That taught me to sing and to laugh when I will.

But Mama, I see you when I look into my face
There’s an emptiness there that neither of us can erase.
A need for a man, or we’ll never be whole
And a lot of the pain you said came from my soul.

Sweet lovin’ man I’ll return to your home
But I want you to know that I’m learning to grow.
I was born and bred to live in these hills
And I’m drawing the strength that I need from them still
And I’m dreaming that someday I’ll go back, I will.

guitar– Lui Collins
banjo-Guy Wolff

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