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Almost (Eiderdown Quilt)

Gail Nelson

I let my feelings serve me like a host
You’re a man I loved almost
I have felt you though my skin
Watched you raise your eyes and grin.
There are times you seem to be an awkward child.
Other times you make the woman in me wild
And there’s times that I’ve been happy just because you smiled.

You’re a mirror, frame of gilt
You’re an eiderdown quilt
Your eyes like fine smooth wood
Were the reason for thinking I could
Thinking I could see in you.
Foxglove and columbine, my love and my lifeline.

We’re a plane that soars then hovers
We’re old friends who have been lovers
We’re a color scheme that clashed
We’re a check that no one cashed.
Ah but love is no answer nor remedy
Nor a promise, nor a guarantee.

You’re a man I loved almost
My feelings served me like a host.
Walking down a city street hand in hand I felt complete
Ah but love’s not really there for you and me
You’re a man marked by changeability
And there’s too much that I’ve learned to see.

guitarLui Collins
tenor guitarBill Lauf, Jr.
vocal harmonyBill Lauf, Jr.

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