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All the Pretty Birds

Lui Collins

Lui: vocal, banjo;
Anand: bass, mandolin;
Dana: guitar

What I would wish to say to you be mindful with me please
Don’t give me all those pretty words unless it’s what you mean
I’ve seen enough of hard times to last me all my days
Chance is you come a-courtin’ me I’ll send you on your way.

Been listening out for car wheels all day upon my road
Been watching for a gentle smile to ease my heavy load
Been waiting for a tender kiss, a touch upon my hand
But now the sun has set and left this darkness on the land

And if you want a carefree life, don’t trifle with my heart
I’m apt to cause you misery till we should come to part
I’m apt to cause you misery, you’re bound to bring me pain
The only lasting peace I’ve known to be alone again.

And all of those pretty birds that light upon my sill
They bring me gentle comfort, I guess they always will
They sing their simple melodies that set my mind to rest
It cheers my heart to see them all a-rosy on their breast.

Summer 1999
Ashfield, MA

Banjo tuning: double C tuning: gCGCD

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